sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

Unit2 - Activity2 (Learning Object-Teacher´s Workload)

I made this films using readthewords.com and i have buildt this article based on the original article of Elisabeth Armentor and hope it will help understand the teacher´s workload.
"Teachers want to help their students succeed in class, and technology has improved their accessibility. Instead of waiting to talk after class or going to your office hours, a student can shoot off an email at midnight and you can answer it the next morning. An online class increases the prevalence of this phenomenon, but being too available can quickly lead to the impression that you're always "on call." This can contribute to burnout. Consequently, organization and time management are the keys to handling the workload of an online class."

Organize Your Workspace

Organize Yourself

Organize Your Class

Automate When Possible

Set Boundaries

Be Patient

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