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Unit2/Activity3-Review of LO


I'm going to start my reviewing with the video made by Pedro Teixeira.

Pedro has made a video about teaching and presented some tips and techniques for a successful online learning course It’s a short term video with a 1 minute and 20 seconds long. It talks about important aspects like: how to develop and structure an online course, some important aspects to consider while defining the course, contact information, the importance of defining the objectives of the course, attendance requirements, course schedule, orientation aids, grading scales/rubrics, communication practices, technology policy, aspects to consider in the opening of the course, nurturing the learning community, and assessment. He focuses the essential aspects to consider in this mater ans synthesizes them also. I think Pedro must be careful with the background and text colors, because I think that he should avoid light backgrounds and light text and on the other hand dark backgrounds and dark text. The images were very well chosen and associated with the content. He has sound (music) accompanying the video.

Pedro I have some suggestion that I would like to make: if you should accomplish your video with the sound of your voice reading the information that is in the video would be an added value. Another suggestion is that you should delay the transition between slides or in the other hand make each sentence appear at a time. Always use the same type of letter.

Telma Jesus

The second Learning object that I choose for my review is the work done by Marco Freitas, Maria Lurdes Martins and Teresa Fernandes. The reason why I choose this learning object is because I never used this tool.

They’ve made a small journal about teaching online. It’s very colored journal attractive to the reader. The images chosen are adequate to the content.

I didn’t try this tool but I shore am willing to do so. I considered their work interesting, motivating and captive. This journal is understandable to any one and makes an excellent approach on the contents.

They approached contents/themes like tutor’s perception and focus their attention on two many-to-many techniques: the forum and the role-play.

The benefits of the online forum and the reason why we should choosing it are also focused.

What is the role-play, his objectives, the types of role-playing exercises, and the types of online role-playing: the synchronous and the asynchronous are explained.

Some colored schemes are presented to explain the role-playing strengths and weaknesses. As a weakness on their work i consider the font size on the schemes that are small and not noticeable enough. Finally they ended their journal with a humor section about honesty on the internet and the references they consulted.

Telma Jesus

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