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Review of 2 Learning Objects

The first Learning Object that i reviewed was Sandra Brás work published in toonlet.com and the second is Pedro Teixeira´s video published on Youtube.
These Learning Objects were chosen for different reasons, such as, their content, simplicity and attraction.
First I will talk about Sandra´s work and then Pedro.
Sandra has made a simple and comic cartoon using a new tool: Toonlet that I really consider interesting, motivating and captive. This cartoon is understandable to any one.
She has made this cartoon that talks about the importance of The Learning Partner, a very interesting issue. She focused the importance of not feeling lonely while/during a study process, whether it might be a course or other learning situation. Sandra refers that e-students can combine meetings by Chat, e-mail, phone, personally, or other recurring to other technological means.
The results can be much more positive and higher and the learning process simpler and motivating.
Good and expressive cartoons were applied and very expressive too. The background color was carefully used and the dolls well chosen.
Pedro has made a video that explains very well the Theory of Cooperative Freedom. He gives us a brief explanation (like he said)…”in a few steps” about this theory. He focused in the principal aspects of the contents. He took on individual learning and collaborative and led us to Cooperative Learning.
In the video, Pedro uses key words and brief sentences, making the video very understandable and objective.
The video made by Pedro is simple and attractive, and due to the fact that he didn’t use too much colors and animations in the video it didn’t scattered the watcher’s attention, on the contrary, captive. He combined very well backgrounds and text together with images.
It´s a short term video that is not boring due to his short lengths and the combination of text and images.
The sound (music) accompanying the video is not too strong, so I considered it adequate.
Globally, I liked both works and my colleagues are to be congratulated for their Learning Objects.
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