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Unit3/Activity3- Review


The Learning object that I choose for my review is the Quiz made by Luís. The reason why I choose this learning object is because I found this tool very interesting, since it give us some feedback about what we’ve just answered.

It is a small and simple Quiz that can be improved and increased whenever the author wants. It consists of a relevant 7 questions and focuses on the principal aspects of transparency .

I don’t know if the result of each test arrives at the author’s mailbox. Do you have configured this aspect?

This Quiz would be more attractive to the user if you put some images adequate to the content and if you put some colour in the background. I really don’t know if this is possible.

Did you use Quiz Faber to make this Quiz or another tool?

I considered the work interesting, motivating and captive. This Quiz is understandable to any one and represents a great way to know what people understand about transparency. The objective is to apply this test to Whom ?

At the end when it shows us a page with the results, and to synthesize the subjects/answers discussed in the Quiz you could give a list of links with bibliography. Or in the other hand, when it gives us feedback sending a message with the right option when we gave a wrong answer to question, in that same window, you could provide a link to a page that has the information needed to give the correct answer.

I hope you accept my suggestions and clarify my doubts.

Good Work!

Telma Jesus

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