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Ppel-Learning Object

In order to compile and publish all the Learning Objects that i produced for these course, i registered here the learning objects links.

The first LO for Activity 2 it was purposed to produce a learning object related to cooperative freedom. I worked in group with Sónia Valente and we build a Carton in toonlet.com entitled “A morning walk - Online Education”. In this LO we’ve made an approach somewhat informal but always looking for theoretical rigor. We tried to cover the important issues in the theory. As this is an application available in the Internet after made it we published it and introduced it in the discussion forum. Each of us putted one post in each of our blog. This work was improved as suggested by the professor and colleagues.
It was very important working in group with Sónia. We used the messenger for talking and the e-mail for changing documents and interesting ideas to structure and implement the work. We worked in the same application (toonlet), once at a time.

The second LO for Activity 2 it was purposed to produce a learning object related to Online Teaching Techniques. I worked alone in this activity. So I decided t publish a blog entry and I entered a talking avatar that was built in readthewords.com entitled “Learning Object- Teacher´s workload
Before doing this final work, i did my first attempt also entitled "Learning Object- Teacher´s workload" I made this films using readthewords.com and i have built this article based on the original article of Elisabeth Armentor and hope it will help understand the teacher´s workload.
"Teachers want to help their students succeed in class, and technology has improved their accessibility. Instead of waiting to talk after class or going to your office hours, a student can shoot off an email at midnight and you can answer it the next morning. An online class increases the prevalence of this phenomenon, but being too available can quickly lead to the impression that you're always "on call." This can contribute to burnout. Consequently, organization and time management are the keys to handling the workload of an online class."

The third LO for activity 2 was a eBook made by me and Sónia valente. It´s a two individual work about Transparency in Online Education!

My idea of making this post was to compile them and join the entire work done previously. To make the tree LO were used three different applications, all of them available from the Internet. Each one made with a different proposal. The first one was to captive and motivate, the second was destined to people with a disability and the third was to meet a large amount of information. Each tool was carefully chosen according to the amount of information that we have and the sum that I/we could build.
The forth LO was made for Unit4 and once more the reason was to try another new tool.

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